A strategic communications and strategic advisory firm. That's us! We rely our services on the use of facts and data from the field. We do use survey, but our strongest competence is media research. We use the research to map the communications environment and the stakeholders' interest. We develop the strategic advise based on the research, not on vague assumptions and rumors. Our consultants and advisers are coming from variety of educational backgrounds: linguistics, communications, computing science, psychology, economics, and philosophy. Their professional backgrouns also vary, ranging from former journalist, former political activist, former NGO activist, researchers, lecturers, as well as from the service companies. Our unique blend of perspectives enrich the quality of our services to the client.

M. Rahmat Yananda - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Yananda is an expert in urban administration due to his PhD in Administration Science University of Indonesia. An innovative and long - range thinker, Mr. Yananda is a well – known strategist in the business. Building his career path from a political as well as an NGO activist, Mr. Yananda then moved to the business sector and built his reputation as a social entrepreneur. He has a bachelor degree in linguistics and a master degree in urban planning and policy, both from University of Indonesia.

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Haemiwan Fathony - Chief Technology Officer
When it comes to IT business, Mr. Fathony has a full circle of it. An IT professional graduated from School of Computer Science University of Indonesia, Mr. Fathony has an extensive experience in IT industry ranging from banking, insurance, military, manufacturers as well as government sectors. Media business and research is nothing new to him. His specialty is providing strategic advice on technology to the top executives and his master degree in management from Bandung Institute of Technology sealed his credentials for being a high calibre consultant.

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Peter Hansdayani - Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Hansdayani is the hand that rocks the data. A hands – on consultant, he is the media analyst thanks to his vast experience in media research and his degree in Library and Information Science University of Padjadjaran. A former political activist, he has been in the service and media industry for years prior to joining the team.

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Ummi Salamah - Senior Consultant Partner
Ms. Salamah is responsible for the quality assurance of the services. A psychologist and a communication scholar, Ms. Salamah has a doctoral and a master degree in Communications from University of Indonesia complementing her bachelor degree in psychology. Specializing in leadership, personal branding, media research and communication strategy, Ms. Salamah has been in the service industry for years being a psychologist before joining MAKNA. She published a book based on her dissertation about leadership political brand (Brand Pemimpin Politik).

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Boy Syahbana Alamsyah - Senior Consultant

Mr. Syahbana holds a master degree in Geography from University of Indonesia supplementing his bachelor degree in Communication Science University of Padjadjaran Bandung. An activist and a thinker, Mr. Syahbana has vast experience in social research and social engineering. He is the mastermind who can draw the big picture and nurture the details for MAKNA’s products.

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