M. Rahmat Yananda - Chief Executive Office.
A former political as well as an NGO activist, Mr Yananda is one of the founders of a major political party in Indonesia. He holds a bachelor degree in linguistics from University of Indonesia and a Master degree in urban planning and policy from the same almamater. He is now a PhD candidate in Administration Science. An innovative and long range thinker, Mr. Yananda is a well – known strategist in the business.

Haemiwan Fathony - Chief Technology Officer
When it comes to IT business, Mr. Fathony has a full circle of it. An IT professional graduated from School of Computer Science University of Indonesia, Mr. Fathony has an extensive experience in the IT industry ranging from banking, insurance, military, manufacturing as well as government sectors. Media business and research is nothing new to him. His specialty is providing strategic advice on technology to the top executives.

Peter Hansdayani - Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Hansdayani earned a degree in Communications Science University of Padjajaran, majoring in Information Sciences. A former political activist as well, he has been in the service and media industry for years prior to joining the team. A hands – on consultant and a great team player, Mr. Hansdayani is the glue that holds 'the family' together.

Ummi Salamah - Senior Consulting Partner
Specialising in media research and communications strategy, Ms. Salamah holds a Master degree in Communications Management from University of Indonesia complementing her degree in Psychology. She has been in the service industry for years before landing in Makna. A cause – driven and all ears consultant, Ms. Salamah is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Communication Science and is responsible for the quality assurance of the service.